Monday, 9 March 2015

Contrails - fin2limb - A beautiful mellow ambient chill track

Our latest favourite ambient chill track is from fin2limb, a very talented Canadian producer from Toronto.

Contrails is a great relaxing ambient track containing some light and airy synthesizers, while a perfect guitar melody drifts you away to dream-land.

Oh, and did we also mention it's available for a free download? Go and grab that track, unwind, lean back, close your eyes and enjoy. It's the perfect supplement to any stressful day & should be number one on your relaxation playlist.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

To Run A Rig - We Sink - Deep vocal electronic piratestep track with some bass vibes and vocals

We Sink, from Athens, Greece, consists of Dim Nick and specialise in producing 'piratestep', future R&B and future beats, all grouped under the general genre Electronica.

Their track 'To Run A Rig' from their EP Marooned consists of some crazy deep vocals. The introductory build up vocals 'Ain't No Body Lovin' You' build up to the break / bridge, which ends at 1:30, and leads on to the even deeper vocals, which kick in and help you chill the fuck out.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

MJ Cole - Sanctuary - Light relaxing airy soulful chill out atmospheric lounge track

MJ Cole (Matthew James Coleman), an English House and UK Garage producer and re-mixer, best known for his famous vocal track 'Sincere' created this track, 'Sanctuary', in the year 2000.

It consists of a house / garage drum beat and some dreamy electronic melodies. The soulful vocals help relax and create a laid back lounge atmosphere. The best part of the melody kicks in at 2:11, so hang in there and enjoy.

Since its a nice relaxing sunny Sunday, we fancied taking a detour from our normal deep electro chill out tracks, to offer you a beautiful light chill out track. Listen for free below.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

XXYYXX - Breeze & About You - Deep trippy vocals

XXYYXX (Marcel Everett) is a Florida based deep vibes & chill out artist, who has created some great slow-paced tunes with beautiful deep vocals.

The first track below is called Breeze and consists of an amazing deep voice as the melody, and a slow paced trance beat. XXYYXX's ability to slow process the singing to the perfect key allows for the melody to consist almost entirely of the vocals.

The second track is About You and is accompanied with a trippy music video of smoke being exhaled eloquently through animal face masks. Weird, but it fits the music perfectly.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

JPB - Perfection - Deep vocals, Future Beats, EDM track

Album artwork for Perfection by JPB
JPB (Anis Echouaf) is a new and promising Future & Electronic Dance Music (EDM) music producer from Germany. He works with vocals, producing eclectic beautiful rhythms with catchy deep melodies.

His track Perfection, which features amazing deep beautiful vocals, a sluggish future beat and some great EDM vibes, has already topped 50k listens after just being released for a few days. We reckon its the melodic deep voice that loops througout that makes it so catchy.

Listen to Perfection by JPB below, and check out JPB on SoundCloud here. Perfection by JPB is available for free download here.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Starlit Skies (Emancipator Remix) by Pretty Lights - Great groovy mellow upbeat chill track with vocals

The wonderful Emancipator has done it again, but this time the track is a remix. Emancipator (Doug Appling) has remixed the song Starlit Skies by Pretty Lights (listen to the original here).
The remix is (in our opinion) much better than the original, and the vocals mesh in perfectly with the down tempo groovy beats and catchy chords.
The track creates a perfect mellow chilled environment.

Free download from the Pretty Lights website.
Listen to the remix for free below.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Don't Owe Me A Thing - Pavla & Noura - Dreamy super laid back electronic chill

Don't Owe Me A Thing by Pavla and Noura is a dreamy melodic song which comprises of beautiful beats, a great acoustic section, amazingly soft singing (vocals) and some amazing percussion and bass lines.

It is created and sung by Pavla & Noura - the stage name for the two musicians and friends Valentin Stip and Paul Sara.

This song was actually released by the label Clown and Sunset, which is owned by one of our favourite electronic chill out artists Nicolas Jaar. It is not hard to tell that the song has been influenced by Jaar.

It was part of the album The Prism and has been part of many compilations including the great Don't Break My Love.

Here is the same song but streamed through SoundCloud